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New Album Art Work!

Hot damn everybody! The album art work is done! Here's a sneak peak of the cover. The album will be availible at our CD release show on July 30th at the High watt.

Nonaroo V The 1990's

We had a blast playing our fifth annual Nonaroo cover show at The Pond last Saturday.

Nonaroo 4.0

This years Nonarro was awesome!!! Great energy, great songs, great friends. That's not to say it went off without a hitch. Lot's of last min practices from us and all the guest performers, putting songs together on the last day, both my bass amps went out right before the show, but all and all everything came out great.

We wanna thank Phil Ko for playing guitar and singing with us, and also letting us use his practice space so we could fit everybody in.

Thanks to Daniel, Becca, Sam, and Richa for helping sing all the songs we couldn't hit, and Thank you to everybody who came out and filmed the show.

Last but not least Thanks to Todd Stewart for lending us a bass amp at the last min when both mine went out.

It was a great night and we can't wait till next year. Hopefully we will get started learning songs sooner, but you know us.


Screaming Names at The Rutledge



We've Got Nintendo Power

This is a Awesome video Jeremy made. I could see us learning this and playing it live. If we could remember all the words.

History of Nonaroo.

last year, screaming names we're invited to play at the bonnaroo music festival with some of our wonderful burlesque performing friends. Unfortunately, this didn't end up happening due to some douchebaggery by the bonnaroo higher-ups. so, we decided to put on a show of our own @ The Pond in franklin. TN. we called it Nonaroo, and played green day's dookie and weezer's blue album both in their entirety. it was a huge success, so we're doing it again! this time we've got The Granny Whites playing, and the names (along with Phil Ko of The Swiftlets) will be performing weezer's magnum opus "pinkerton" start to finish! we've been working hard learning the album, and plan to rock it out this friday, and then play a short set of our original stuff. can't wait!!


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